Help for Parents

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Newcomers’ Guides to Education in Ontario - These guides provide information to help newcomer students and parents in Ontario's schools. The guides are available in 18 languages.

Resources for Parents - Parents can download these resources in a variety of languages.

  • Make Reading Fun
  • 10 Tips to Help Your Child with Reading
  • 10 Tips to Help Your Child with Writing
  • 10 Tips to Help Your Child with Math
  • 10 Tips to Help your Child with Homework
  • 10 Tips to Help Boys with Reading
  • 10 Tips to Get Your Child Ready for School
  • 10 Tips to Help You Communicate with the Teacher
  • 10 Tips that Use Arts and Crafts to Develop Math and Literacy Skills
  • Tips for Summer Learning Fun
  • Does Your Child Need Extra Help?
  • Helping your Child Do Mathematics
  • Helping Your Child with Reading and Writing

Newcomer Orientation Week 

Newcomer high school students can attend “Newcomer Orientation Week” the last week of August at St. Catharines Collegiate Secondary School. 

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