News Release

Digital Education in the Spotlight

Sep 12, 2017

Two DSBN educators are recipients of the Brightspace Excellence Awards from D2L. Rob Dunlop, Blended Learning Resource Teacher, and Jim Reschke, DSBN eLearning Coordinator were presented with the award in July.

The Excellence Awards celebrate inspiration and innovation and award institutions that deliver unique and collaborative teaching and learning experiences that reach every learner.

In a news release, D2L said, “DSBN is harnessing the power of Brightspace by putting it at the center of the classroom as a navigation and presentation tool and as a communication tool with parents. Many teachers have created their own innovative widgets within the platform, including Brag Boards to highlight student success, Lost and Found, Dinner Table Talk, and more.”

D2L’s Brightspace is a digital learning platform created by D2L to help schools create personalized learning experiences in the classroom or online. Brightspace is cloud-based, runs on mobile devices, and offers multimedia to increase engagement and productivity.