French Immersion


Elementary FI Program:

Students in French Immersion take exactly the same subjects as the English Grade 1 program. They are introduced to the French language by learning the most common French words. An early start is important as developing minds can quickly absorb a second language. Early French Immersion students are more likely to reach an advanced level of French proficiency than students in any other program. It is important that parents and students demonstrate motivation and commitment throughout the program.

Information evening sessions are held at the French Immersion School sites for both parents and students who are entering Grade 1 in 2020.

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Secondary FI Program:

Five schools offer the French Immersion Programs. Transportation is provided to eligible students. Students in Grades 9, 10, & 11 will study French Immersion Language Arts, Histoire, Géographie and Sciences. In Grade 12, students will study French Immersion Language Arts. Students will complete the remaining subjects according to the options available at their French Immersion site. In all of these subjects, French is the language of instruction. Students study the remaining subjects in English. 

The following schools offer French Immersion Programs: 

• A.N. Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls

 • Governor Simcoe Secondary School, St. Catharines

 • Grimsby Secondary School, Grimsby

 • Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, St. Catharines

 • Welland Centennial Secondary School, Welland