Special Education


Students with special needs are capable of incredible things. The Special Education support they receive through the DSBN helps unlock their potential.

Our programs are individualized. They recognize that all children are unique. And they support students according to their own interests, abilities, and goals. To accomplish this, we provide accommodations, modifications, and alternative programming as required.

Wherever possible, we believe that students should be integrated into their home school where their contributions are encouraged and valued. Your child’s classroom teacher has the support of many professionals to give students their best start.  The DSBN’s multidisciplinary services include the expertise of different disciplines to help us meet the needs of the whole child.  Social Workers, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychology Staff, Applied Behavior Analysis Facilitators and Occupational Therapists collaborate to assist in serving the students.

Special education at the DSBN is varied and complex. But when it comes down to it, Special Education is about children. Children that are loved and cared for by our staff who truly want to see these children thrive. Parents have a tremendous role to play in this process and that’s why success is built on the bedrock of positive and collaborative relationships with parents. Working together, we help all our children reach their full potential.

We invite you to look through our website to learn more about the programs and support we offer.