ESL: English as a Second Language


Secondary Programs

The English as Second Language (ESL) program is a temporary support program for students in whose first language is not English.  The ESL program takes place throughout the student’s day with a variety of mainstream subject teachers, with guidance from a qualified and experienced ESL teacher.  Students will have an ESL credit course in their timetable to allow them the opportunity to receive considerable guidance and training from a highly qualified and experienced ESL teacher.  After meeting with the parents and the student, the ESL teacher works with the principal and subject-specific classroom teachers to determine which supports are required for each student.

Students in the ESL program are working towards the same Ontario curriculum expectations as other students but receive specialized, intensive English language instruction to support their skill development.  ESL credit courses help students with reading, writing, and oral communication strategies to help them in all subject areas. 

ESL credit courses are currently offered at Westlane Secondary School in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines Collegiate in St. Catharines, and during our summer school sessions.  Students in the beginning stages of learning English are recommended to attend an ESL School.  Students may also attend their neighbourhood home school and receive support from an itinerant (travelling) ESL teacher or consultant.