Application Forms 

NEW Student Application Form 2019-2020 - updated May 13, 2019
Returning Student Application Form 2019-2020 - updated June 17, 2019

New Student Application Form 2020-2021 - updated June 11, 2019
Returning Student Application Form 2020-2021 - updated June 17, 2019

Custodianship Declaration

Immunization Record Form

Immunization Record Request 

An up-to-date immunization record must be submitted to the DSBN Welcome Centre upon arrival and when a student receives a new vaccination or booster after starting with the DSBN.

The original immunization record must either be in English or have been translated to English. If translated to English, the immunization record must be notarized as a true copy of the original. 

Submit the immunization record in either of the following two (2) versions:

1.  The English-translated version of the record - notarized as a true copy of the original; OR

2.  A photocopy of the original untranslated version of the record along with one of the following available translation cover sheets completed by the parent - notarization of this cover sheet is not necessary:

Arabic - click here       

Chinese  - click here 

Farsi - click here 

French  - click here 

Japanese - click here 

Korean - click here 

Punjabi - click here 

Russian - click here 

Spanish - click here 

Vietnamese - click here