Student Support and Homestay Services

Homestay 1

The DSBN provides a high level of international student support. The following professionals provide a wide range of supports, including: classroom teachers, ESL teachers, Student Success teachers, Special Education teachers, academic guidance counsellors, settlement workers (who speak the student's language and know the culture), and DSBN student buddies.

Periodic student progress reports are issued by the school and sent to the custodian where the student is a minor, or to the student where he/she is 18 years or over. The custodian communicates regularly with parents about the student's progress and well-being. Where language is a barrier, the school's settlement worker can communicate with the parents.

In addition, DSBN works closely with student service providers in the community who regularly provide services for homestay placement and supervision, custodianship for minors, accompaniment to school registration, regular communications with parents, access to healthcare insurance, airport transfers, and arranged group excursions.

For student service providers working closely and regularly with the DSBN, please contact the providers below for details about their services and fees.  

Note: You may also consult other service providers on your own. The selection of a student service provider is the sole responsibility of the parents. 

Canadian English Scholar Program
Ligia Tobon,
(905) 354-6916
Hospitalite Canada Ltd.
Marina Wilson, Director
(905) 688-8119
Niagara Homestay & International Student Services
Javad Hakimi, Director
(289) 219-4769
Niagara Education and Business Consulting
Lei Rao,
(905) 321-6668

. A custodian must be named for any student who is a minor (under the age of 18 years). The Custodian must be at least 19 years of age and be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada who is residing with or within a reasonable distance from the student while he/she is in Niagara.

Custodianship requires that legal arrangements be made to give the custodian in Canada permission to act in place of a parent if required. Two notarized documents are required. The first document must be signed by the parents (or legal guardians) and notarized. The second document must be signed by the custodian and notarized. 

Click here to obtain the two required custodian forms to be completed and submitted to the DSBN Welcome Centre at the orientation/assessment appointment prior to starting school.

An immigration officer must be satisfied that adequate arrangements have been made for the care and support of minor children who travel to Canada to study. To obtain further information about custodianship, visit: